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Monday, September 13, 2010

♥ ~~~We r together again*******~~

hurmm.. also by a simple text..
both of us are together again..
its just..
ILYSM.. :*

♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
11:55 PM
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♥ ~~I Miss him***~~

OMG.. I miss him so much.. but what can i do.. I've already decided to break our relationship.. And i cant get back to those time.. All the things I can do now is trying to find the new things that can make me busy and not to think about him anymore.. I want someone who will take care of me.. show how much he care about me and make me feel like I'm the luckiest girl.. hurm.. the who care about me is BC.. but.. hurm.. its just.. I am no longer who I am before.. Just the feeling for him had fully dissapeared.. Im sorry..

♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
11:45 PM
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♥ Letting You Go!!

I'll never cry for letting you go..

even sometimes i'm kinda sick and regret...


.. I know..

Its d Best 4 b0th of uS..

thanx f0r making me smile..

I'll never forget u till d end of my life..

♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
11:39 PM
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♥ **SimpLy d0ne..~~

Kjp agy ad prsmian mggu aktiviti..
but thats not d main point..
the thing is..
me and mr.e.. we're done..
just by a simple message i've sent to him last nyte..
i'm now announce that im single..
eve i dont know what exactly he thinks..
seems like he dont understand..

maybe im a little bit regret at first..
but i realize..
it is the best for both of us..

well.. im still young..
there r still a lot of time for me to find my lover..

i'll never regret for meeting him
who had been a part of my life b4..
no matter what happened to us,
he still had coloured my life..
i am who i am now just bcoz of him..

thanks mr.e..
i'll always remember u..
its just..
we're not bornt to be together...
if god wills..
we will meet again next time..
or maybe.. one day..
for sure.. i'll wait for that day..


♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
11:21 PM
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

♥ Oitt.. Am I Look ThaT OLD???

Aishhh... This is my story... but before i go on.. Everyone.. PLEASE CONCERN.. IM JUST 16.. well.. setiap kali pi shopping je.. x kisah laa kat mne2 pun.. bila lalu je kt depan ke kt sblah ke kt blakang orang yg promote suh buat insurans tuu.. mesti kene tahan.. "awk2 / adik2 / kak2.. singgah sini.. kejap je.. kak ade dh buat insurans?? (aku plak ckp.. x.. xley buat ag) dia jwb.. pesal lak xleyh buat kak.. murah je ni.. ni untuk mase depan akak jugak ni.. kalau jadi ape2 x susah sangat... (bukan sbb harga laa .. masalahnya.. x ckup umow lagi laa...) ehh.. xde laa kak.. insurans.. 18 tahun pun dah boleh buat.. xpe kak.. meh buat.. kejap je... ( yang abg pandai2 panggil sy akak ni psl?? sejak ble sy jd kakak abg?? abg tau ke umo sy.??.. ) ehh.. adik umo berapa ni?? ( 16 je larh ) ehh.. btol ke ni.. sorry2....

kalau sekali je xpe laa.. ni.. tiap2 kali je terserempak ngn org yg promote insurans ni.. buat letih aku je.. tu yang aku bengang tuu... last2 sekarang.. aku lalu je kt makhluk2 insurans ni.. kalau ade bunyi cam diorg nk promote kat aku jgak... cepat2 aku sebut... bawah umo... then.. blah trus... lantak diorg laa... lagipun.. bt ape aku peduli sangat.. nk percaya ke xnk.. nk ckp aku sombong ke ape ke... hell i care...

♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
10:36 AM
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♥ ..WaiTinG foR l0vE..

??WhEre hE iS??
It'S beEn a DaY I DiDnt hEar hIs v0ice..
fEeL lIke iTs t0o l0ng..
dEar.. I rEallY2 MiSs u..

lAst nyTe..
hE sAid t0 me..
"l0ve u.."
aNd evEn wHen tHe call Lasts..
I sTill hEar hiS v0ice in mY minD...
wHile my HeArt kEep sAying..
" I love you too "

wE supp0se t0 haVe a cYbeR DaTe at 12.00am
eVen th0ugh I hAve a Lot oF thIngs t0 do..
I'vE wAitEd f0r him SincE iTs jUst 10.00pm..
wIth a h0mew0rk in Fr0Nt oF thE lApt0p..
cUrreNtly appEaring INvIsibLe t0 eVerY0ne eLse..
bUt jUst aPPearEd aVailaBle f0r hIm..
tImes kEep PasSing..
aNd its ALm0st 12
i cL0sed mY b0ok..
aNd pUt mY eyEs oN thE scReen..

anD n0w iTs aLreaDy 12..
mInutes By mInuTEs kEep pAssiNg..
???wHere Is Him???

i kEep wAiting..
fr0m 12 tiLL 1
fR0m 1 tiLL 2..
bUt thEN afTEr thAt...
i reAlizeD..
MaYbe OuR DaTE WilL Be P0stPone..

cUrreNtly n0t sLeepIng untIl it wAs 5.30 am..
bUt n0t bc0z iM waIting f0r hIm anYmore...
iTs jUst..
I cAnt sLeeP..
My eYes eVen feEL too lIght..
n0t bEing hEavy as b4..

I d0nt ReAlly LikE t0 wAiT f0r pEoplE..
iM not a KinD oF pAtiENt gIrl..
Ill bC0me aNgrY if pE0pLE hANg mE f0r n0thinG...
bUt thIs timE..
wAitIng f0r hIm..
I d0nt evEn fEel Like tHat..
iM jUst bEing cAlm as tHerEs n0thing t0 do..
I'm hAppy..

wAitIng f0r hIm..
I'll nEvEr rEgRet..
eVen itS f0r a yEar..
iTs n0t evEn a wAste oF timE f0r mE..
If I hAve to..
I'll wAit f0r Him f0revEr..



♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
7:20 AM
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Monday, June 14, 2010

♥ ..Urmm...

Ive just Made ThiS Bl0ggER
lAst FebRUarY..
aNd TheN..
I wEnt t0 h0sTEl..
c0z thEres n0thing
iN hEre

♥ And did I tell you that I love you tonight
1:23 PM
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♥ Blissed Lover ;

    Jasmne (:
    27 Dec'88

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